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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Steven NormanSteven Norman
You did it !!
I cannot recommend or thank Myles enough for his support, encouragement, patience and hard work in preparing me to take my driving test. Every driving lesson has been thoroughly educational and enjoyable. I am going to genuinely miss our lessons together but have made a true friend in the process.

Philip JacobsPhilip Jacobs
A lovely little drive.
I started lessons with Myles after being recommended by others and never looked back. Myles is an excellent instructor, and is passionate about his job. No obstacles too big or too small, Myles always has a solution that will help you in the best way possible. He's very knowledgeable and supports you 100% to get you to your final goal. Thank you Myles for your support and great skills in helping me to achieve my goal to pass. Top man! I will be recommending Myles to others 100%.

Joel Williams Joel Williams
Passed first time
Thanks Myles again for being such a great instructor and such a nice guy. I loved driving with Myles, he was a really knowledgeable instructor and a great guy. I recommend him to anyone looking for a great pass.

Hayden Weaver Hayden Weaver
The one for you.
Overall I believe that Myles' way of teaching was perfect for me. Whenever I found myself struggling with something he always found a way to adapt the lesson appropriately. The DVD and workbook helped me tremendously, especially in the early days. I always found myself learning something new during every lesson with Myles. If you need someone who will get you a pass in a kind manner, Myles is the one for you

Daniel Wiltshire Daniel Wiltshire
Amazing instructor
Myles in an amazing instructor. He is patient and teaches you to actually drive the car, rather than just to pass your test and is more interested in you actually learning rather than rushing to be "another pass". He has helped me and developed my confidence, so that when I passed my test I felt confident to drive alone. Choosing Myles was the best decision to help me pass my driving test. Quite simply Myles is an amazing instructor, but also an amazing person.

Oliver Baker
Passed 1st time
I looked forward to every lesson I had with Myles. His friendly manner and teaching style really helped me to not only learn to drive safely and confidently, but enjoy it as well. I would strongly recommend learning to drive with Myles

Emily Collinson
Passed first time
Myles is a great driving instructor. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive. I would especially recommend him to disabled pupils or pupils with learning difficulties. He is patient and calm which is what you need in an instructor, and he adapts the lesson effectively according to you and your needs. Myles is a genuinely kind person who really cares about his job.

Lloyd ShailLloyd Shail
Stellar guy
Myles took me on towards the end of my learning journey I wasn’t in Bristol long, so was in need of someone to teach me thoroughly but efficiently; Myles was exactly what I was after. His teaching method, coupled with the course book and dvd, is what makes Myles such a formidable teacher. He gives clear advice and targeted improvement so I knew exactly what I needed focus on. He’s an absolutely stellar guy with endless patience, but it was Myles’ dedication that really surprised me at times, always arriving early for our lessons, and always managing to slot me into his schedule at convenient times. Thanks for the pass Myles! All the best, Lloyd:)

Ethan SaundersEthan Saunders
Overcoming difficulties
Overall, I have to say that without Myles and the LD system, it would have been near impossible to pass. Yet, with the constant commitment of Myles and the useful workbook and Dvd, learning to drive has been a blast. I would most definitely recommend Myles and the LD system.

Spencer Ballesteros
Myles was very patient with me.
Myles was very patient with me and made sure I was confident and safe driving. He explained everything every simple so it was easy to do and made sure I was clear on things before moving on to something else. I would highly recommend this driving instructor to anyone who is looking to start driving! 10/10.